Difference between AdTech and Martech

If you’ve been in the marketing world for more than five minutes, you’ve probably heard the terms “Adtech” and Martech. “Sometimes you’ve heard these words mixed up. Believe it or not, adtech and martech are different from each other. Of course, the differences are small, but understanding these nuances will help you choose the best platforms and services for your campaigns. the difference between adtech and martech is worth knowing. Here we show the meaning of “adtech” and “martech” and explain the crucial differences between them.

What is Martech?

When people talk about “Martech”, they are referring to the technologies we use to execute digital marketing strategies. Martech helps marketers create, execute, measure and manage marketing campaigns. Examples of martech are:

  • CRM software
  • Content marketing platforms
  • Email marketing software
  • Software management software
  • Digital analysis tools

What is Adtech?

“Adtech” generally refers to systems that place advertisements in front of your eyes. Adtech makes it easy to send messages directly to customers. It is usually aimed at large agencies or publications. Examples of adtech are:

  • Digital banners
  • Data management platforms
  • Brand Management Systems
  • ad exchanges, networks, and servers
  • Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) – these let customers bid for ad inventory.
  • Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) – these let publishers sell ad inventory.

What is the difference between Martech and Adtech?

If you’re scratching your head and want to understand the difference between adtech and martech, we don’t blame you. At first glance, they look very similar. And to be fair, adtech is (sort of) a subset of martech. Think of it like baking a cake. Martech is the ingredient and recipe you use to make the cake. Adtech is the dishes you serve. Still not clear? Be patient, there is more to explain! Let’s take a look at the main differences between martech and adtech:

  1. Their roles.

“Martech” is a generic term for anything used in a digital marketing strategy. “Martech” refers to all the techniques a team can use to optimize and promote their digital marketing campaigns. Adtech, in turn, refers to the technologies and techniques that the team uses to market these campaigns.

  1. Billing.

In general, Adtech companies charge their customers based on the number of ads they buy. On the other hand, Martech usually comes in SaaS (Software as a Service). Martech companies usually sell their software/services through subscription. While martech companies generally sell directly to marketers, adtech companies sell to a much broader market, including media and advertising agencies.

  1. The goals.

Marketing usually involves a specific group of people. Marketers invest a lot of time and effort in identifying, researching, targeting, and promoting a specific audience. Advertising takes a broader approach. This means that ads are sent to a virtually unknown group of potential customers. Sure, marketing strategies can inform advertising, but from a technological standpoint, the difference between marketing and advertising is true. Adtech relies on third-party data, while martech works with much more personal data. That’s not to say you can’t target and customize adtech – you can. In general, however, martech is designed to work with primary personal data (such as email addresses or other customer-specific information), while adtech works with more general third-party data (such as cookies).