Bombora and Bidtellect work with the first cookie-free B2B solution on the market, expanding the cookie-free offer

Marketers looking for scalability and visibility can now find both more easily, thanks to a new partnership between Bombora, the leading provider of intent data for B2B sales and marketing, and Bidtellect, the performance-oriented DSP specializing in contextual optimization. , the companies announced today. The partnership establishes a cookie-free solution through Bombora’s proprietary Company Surge® Intent offering and Bidtellect’s contextualized programmatic platform, creating a single, large-scale contextual destination solution for B2B marketers.

Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data uniquely measures and evaluates signals of intent in a proprietary data cooperative of more than 4,000 B2B content sources. This data identifies buyer’s intent through account-level increases in content consumption around a taxonomy of 9,000+ topics covering a variety of business themes, industries, and categories. Bidtellect’s granular ad placement-level targeting, now combined with Bombora’s robust topic taxonomy, delivers unprecedented accuracy, scalability, and performance tailored for B2B brands, all in a cookie-free environment. Together, the partnership enables B2B contextual targeting across 62 topic categories, including digital transformation, supply chain management, business intelligence, cryptocurrency, and marketing technology.

“As a global B2B agency partnering with dozens of industry-leading brands, it’s imperative to rethink what data strategies we can offer customers with a cookie-free future ahead of us,” said Rosey Sutton, associate director of programming at Just Global, a service marketing agency specializing in B2B and working closely with Bidtellect and Bombora. “Bobora and Bidtellect’s global cookie-free B2B solution is the industry’s first integration that brings together granular contextual targeting and robust taxonomy specifically relevant to B2B brands.”

“The ad technology industry is undergoing seismic change to prepare for the cookie-free future. Bombora’s contextual partnership with Bidtellect is one of many future-proof initiatives we are developing to address the cookie-free world and continue to serve our customers effectively, “said Tony Mowad, Bombora’s Vice President of Business Development. “We are proud to continue our long-standing relationship with Bidtellect with this partnership.”

Contextual targeting is as good as understanding a “topic” read on the page or content. Working with thousands of clients worldwide, Bombora’s industry-leading B2B topic taxonomy is derived from the data science that powers its Data Co-op, measuring 20 billion average monthly B2B internet content consumption events from compliant data to privacy provided by over 4,000 content sources.

“Partnering with Bombora not only strengthens Bidtellect’s ability to deliver smarter advertising, but it also provides a cost-effective, high-performance solution in a market that cares about a cookie-free future,” said Craig Aron, senior vice president for growth and business development strategy for Bidtellect.

“Our clients often have complex and evolving marketing needs that require a balance of strategies to identify and reach their priority audience,” said Anthony Lopez, programming supervisor at Just Global, a specialized full-service marketing agency in B2B and working closely with Bidtellect and Bombora. “Bidtellect and Bombora’s new global cookie-free B2B solution offers us a unique combination of data and content-driven solutions that enable us to plan for the future.”