The Mobile Marketing Metrics That Matter to CMOs

Marketers today track many metrics to better understand their audiences and customers. It’s hard to understand what all these clicks, downloads and conversions mean for your current and future campaigns, let alone translate this data to show how your priorities follow a broader marketing strategy.

But when it comes to logging into your CMO, be careful not to overload your information! CMOs don’t need dozens of metrics – they need insight into how marketing activities help the company achieve its business and revenue goals. CMOs are not just the head of the marketing team, they are an important part of the executive team. They should consider marketing efforts at a higher level than impressions and conversions and explain how campaign results affect the company as a whole.

They cannot come to the office armed with tracking reports, preferences, and open rate emails. They need data that shows the impact of marketing on customer growth, revenue, and revenue. As a marketer, you have access to more data than ever before. But what metrics are CMOs and senior leaders interested in?

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