The Complete Guide to B2B Marketing

Be a better B2B marketer

Salesforce conducted a survey of more than 2,100 global marketers to better understand the current state of B2B marketing. The results showed that, as always, B2B marketers are on a tight schedule and are constantly struggling with three key challenges: new business development, lead quality, and lead generation.

But that’s not all B2B marketers have on their plate. The emphasis on a more cohesive and personalized sales process is increasing, leading many merchants to make their investments in technologies that can help them create 1:1 shopping experiences. Merchants now have more generational cycles than ever and are responsible ​​for involving buyers throughout the customer lifecycle.

In an increasingly digital and data-driven world, this means more than timely emails and the occasional smart tweet. Marketers need to think big, and this ebook can help. The following chapters guide B2B marketers through the eight main pillars of digital marketing, with checklists and worksheets at the end of each chapter.