The 3 Musts of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is something that seems scary and robotic to many companies, but it isn’t. Marketing automation lets you market efficiently and effectively across multiple channels by automating repetitive tasks. That’s why more than 84% of top entrepreneurs have used or plan to use marketing. Marketing automation will improve your business in several ways, including converting leads to customers. Every business wants more customers, so shouldn’t you start with marketing automation? Or maybe you already use marketing but want to improve your efforts.

Marketing automation can also help you seamlessly combine your offline and online efforts.

For example, suppose your best salesperson attends a large conference and posts a slide with their email address. Then tell the audience that if they want the presentation slides, they can simply send a note.

Before doing marketing, he needs to manually respond to every email he receives, which could be hundreds of emails. He responded by copying and pasting the same message and repeatedly attaching the same presentation. Therefore, if you want to add senders as prompts to your sales database, you must manually add them one by one. To continue, she decides to copy and paste her offline contact information (eg phone number, mailing address) from the email signature line to enter into her database. These repetitive activities consume time and energy. Time and energy he could use to sell.