How to Turn Leads into Repeat Customers through Email marketing

Email marketing is one of our main revenue-generating channels and we know the same applies to others. Email marketing is 40 times more effective in gaining new customers than social channels like Facebook or Twitter. When it comes to increase repeat business, focus on building your list from the ground up with high-quality tips and clear goals to set you up for success.

Once you’ve segmented your email list, it’s time to focus on repurchasing your newly acquired customers. There are three easy ways to subtly encourage a new purchase:

1. Diversify offers based on traffic segments.

Knowing whether a new buyer comes from paid or organic traffic makes post-purchase marketing much more effective. If the buyer came from organic traffic, they probably already knew your brand and had a strong intention to buy. Therefore, the follow-up email after purchase should be a direct incentive to purchase again. Although a buyer who came from a paid ad probably wasn’t as willing to buy, and even though they did, they generally needed a longer build interval before responding to a “purchase request” email.

2. Mirror your emails with UTM parameters.

One of the most basic ways to drive a recurring purchase is to display your email offer on your website after a user clicks on it. Shows a pop-up confirming the user has received the offer, automatically matches the coupon with the cart, and once the user closes the first pop-up, uses a banner to track the site visitor as a reminder of their discount.

3. Use a smart offer/cross-sell.

The Commerce AI pack of advanced upsell promotions, cross-selling and product recommendations that learn and continually improve based on website traffic behavior and purchase data. Commerce AI takes your product feed and starts teaching itself which product to show and to whom