Reimagining marketing in the next normal

As governments gradually lift pandemic-induced restrictions and begin to reopen marketing operations, there is a sense that we are about to get back to “normal”. This is unlikely. In fact, during the months of blockage and isolation, we wrote a new future.

Reimagining marketing

This has important implications for marketers looking to build lasting relationships with customers. Detailed monitoring of data and trends in consumer behavior has always been important for planning. Given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic and the profound changes it is causing, we believe that controlling the imagination can be just as crucial. Marketers will have to think hard about what the next regular consumer will think, feel, say, and do.

Let’s look at six potentially important changes in consumer behavior. Some of them are significant accelerations of existing trends, others are just emerging. Here are some tips for researching or making an appointment to buy antiques. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list and we make no representation as to the duration of these changes. But we believe its implications for marketers deserve careful consideration and careful action.