How to Build Strong Relationships with Content Creators

For many brands, building, cultivating, and cultivating relationships with content creators has become an important task. Not only do the marketing teams need to work with the creators to define a strategy for their content, but the brand finance team must also visit the invoices and pay the creators on time to cultivate these relationships. Because both parties are satisfied, relationships remain productive and fruitful for all parties.

In addition, creators must manage different elements of their brand relationships for all moving parts owned by the brand, some of which are weaknesses of others. For example, many creators don’t have the kind of experience with 1099s and invoices that makes managing payments or administrative tasks easier. The turnaround in asset management can also divert creators from focusing on the broader picture of corporate engagement. These issues can prevent creators from doing what they do best: creating content that tells amazing stories about a brand or product.

“What a lot of brands don’t realize is that sometimes creators have obstacles and things to overcome to have a better relationship with brands,” said Blake Michael, a lead creator with more than a million posts on Instagram. And, adds Blake, smoother relationships make content creators happier, who can do their best. There are several ways to manage these pain points and ultimately strengthen the brand’s relationship with content creators. Providing creators with a complete solution for managing content collaboration and financial and relationship management paves the way for productive relationships that lead to satisfied creators and eventual brand editors.