Digital Strategy White Paper

Plan to establish brand recognition and visibility for the core organization.

Reach a wide audience primarily through social media marketing with an innovative, vibrant, recognizable, and easy-to-understand narrative and language model, firmly based on the corporate vision, contributing to nation-building and strengthening the economy, diversified portfolio, offerings, etc…

  • Use the social media calendar with buzzwords, industry phrases, insider news, engaging and informative content that adds value to consumers.
  • Build a library of valuable knowledge resources using content marketing techniques.

Brand awareness and maximizing reach

  • Language, tone, and voice
  • Positioning change – from Ubiquity to Utility
  • Focus on the main brand proposal
  • Focus on the Group’s core values.
  • Focus on key differentiation
  • Focus on innovation and influence.

Center for Ideas and Influencers / Building “thinking leadership”

  • Activation on social media: regular, regular, updated, idea-oriented, and very engaging (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Youtube) – Cross-fertilization with social media channels.
  • Development of resource library: blogs, white papers, POVs, case studies, executive discussions, expert/influencer discussions.
  • Customer testimonials.
  • Top content/landing pages that drive your group’s business.
  • Multilingual presence.

Social Media Presence: Great Accessible Ideas

Discover the big ideas, the big ideas, and the interruptions in all areas that define our position. If transformation is our core, we expand our reach with intellectually rich, intelligent, and caring content once the business conscience is established.

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