Online Marketing Strategies for Increasing Sales Revenues of Small Retail Businesses

Retail leaders use Online Marketing Strategies to connect with consumers and the community. The purpose of this qualitative multiple case study was to examine the strategies used by some retail leaders to implement to increase sales. Data were collected from 4 retail business owners who have successfully used strategies to implement online marketing in California. The conceptual framework for this study was the dissemination of Rogers’ theory of innovation. The techniques and means of data collection were semi-structured face-to-face interviews and a review of public corporate documents, corporate websites, social media sites, and analytical tools.

A thematic analysis of the data resulted in four themes: social media platforms and strategies, online marketing and challenges, online content strategies, and follow-up strategies. Business leaders in retail organizations that want to increase their sales, remain competitive, overcome the challenges of marketing, and improve communication through the implementation of new technologies may choose to adapt to the strategies in this study. Implications for positive social change include the opportunity for retail companies to increase revenues, providing more jobs to benefit workers, employees families, and the community.

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