Digital Marketing Campaigns: An Evaluation using Forrester’s 5I framework

In this article, we examine various digital marketing campaigns across five industries in India, FMCG, Automotive, Banking, Travel, and E-commerce, using Forrester’s 5I digital marketing model. Within this framework, there are five factors, namely: involvement, interaction, intimacy, influence, and individuality. The engagement component addresses ways to engage the customer with the brand or app and can be measured by several factors such as website traffic and page views. The interaction component is about the customer’s interaction with the brand.

The intimacy component concerns the customer’s sense of brand. This can explain both the ability to identify and the reliability, which makes the feeling grow. The influence component is related to the likelihood that a person will share or recommend a product and this can be measured through actions and analytics. The individual component, in turn, deals with the impact that the brand has on the individual. Together, these five factors (5Is) can help any marketer develop successful digital marketing campaigns or even evaluate other competitive digital marketing campaigns.