B2B marketing is tired: How entertainment roots spice things up

Do you remember the era of jingles? The short song that accompanied the commercials for your favorite products that started playing in your head out of nowhere, even though you hadn’t seen the commercial for days, weeks, months, years? Even after all this time, I’m still humming the theme of Barras Klondike, Band-Aid Brand, and Oscar Meyer…maybe it’s my brain’s underlying message that I’m hungry.

Like any freshly trained marketer, I initially thought my days would be spent thinking about the next big campaign. But like many of us, I discovered my true vocation in business technology, rather than the consumer products that tend to get all the media awards. While many of the goals are the same, we ended up trying to get someone to buy, but the content used to reach our audience is often different. Instead of a catchy radio or TV ad, we reach our potential customers through thoughtful content such as e-guides, white papers, white papers, and case studies.

To underscore our added value with music

Work closely with IT distributors (VADs), value-added resellers (VARs), and managed service providers (MSPs) who sell our unique cloud storage to their customers in the enterprise technology landscape. Do you know what we call people who are particularly talented in their work “rock stars”? Well, in Wasabi we don’t have a real “rock star”, but we do have a man who worked closely together.

A New Approach to Reaching a B2B Audience

While my team and I are very happy with the results, for me the most impressive thing about this experience is how we can become our own marketing experts. We’re not looking for an entirely new medium for our campaigns, but fortunately, we’ve found a clear gap in the industry.

However, this use case is not unique to cloud storage and I could easily see the same approach being implemented elsewhere in enterprise technology. As the space for business technology continues to expand amidst digital transformation efforts, I hope the marketing approach will change as well. All it takes is common sense, a willingness to take risks, and a reminder of the original marketing tactics that inspired you to get started.