3 tips to turn first conversations into marketing and sales relationships

To turn your first prospect meeting into effective marketing relationship, you need to engage your audience, build credibility, and ask them for a simple “yes.”

Anywhere, ask new leads questions about themselves to find out what motivates them. This will help build a relationship and determine how to best position your product or service to win your business.

Structure the first touch so it can lead to another.

In B2B marketing, the customer largely buys the personal relationship. So here are three tips to help business development and sales reps build that first-call relationship.

1. Involve the audience

Rather than declaring your job title and organization, briefly explain what you are doing and find a way to relate it to a general situation.

For example, you might say, “I’ve created custom scripts to describe our new product for corporate customers. It’s like selling your kids on a Saturday ride on a new hiking trail. You know they’ll love it when they arrive. But first, you come. have to convince them that they want to go.”

2. Create credibility in marketing 

Tell them something interesting about yourself that will also give them a reason to listen to you on this topic. Tell them about your work experience, life experience, or education in a way that is conversational and establishes you as a source of knowledge in this industry.

You can choose to talk about a relevant project that has given you the experience you need to advance your career. Or a business case you did at school. You can talk about what inspired you to start working in this marketing  industry in the first place.

3. Just ask “yes”

Nobody likes to feel sold. And most people like to say yes when they can. Asking for a card, for example, is an easy way to get a simple “yes”: “Hey, can I have your card? I’d like to connect with LinkedIn.” Or you can try…

  • “I would like to hear your advice on this concept we are testing.”
  • “I would like to know more about the challenges I have to face to bring the product to market”.
  • “I read an article that might interest you.”

If you had a good conversation, you can ask us later for a coffee or a meeting. Or you can suggest a meal if you’re at an out-of-town conference.

Don’t ask them anything that requires them to look for an answer at the home office. Giving them a simple “yes” can help you take the next step in the marketing relationship.

Bonus: energy project

Whether you’re tired, neutral, or having a good day, you may not be projecting effective body language. In general, people want to engage and do business marketing with those who radiate positive energy.

You can project energy through facial expressions, hand gestures, and vocal variations.

  • Your facial expressions are the first guide to guiding your colleagues in how they should feel about you.
  • Hand gestures can spice up a conversation and help build confidence. Look in the mirror to make sure your gestures say what you think they say.
  • Show your passion in your voice. You are interested in the stories you tell. You care about your product and your business. You are excited about this unique conversation. Let it all manifest in the ups and downs and the tone of your voice.

Your new contact will sense who you are through your general presence and body language.

Give them a positive foundation of content and form to build that new relationship.