How to build an exceptional marketing team: a seven-step plan for people

You can create all kinds of marketing strategies that will impress the most demanding executives; but if you don’t have the right people to execute these strategies, all your hard work will be lost.

So how do you attract good marketers, keep them happy and productive, and help them reach their full potential? A human strategy

This is your seven-step people strategy for an unbeatable marketing team.

1. Plan

You can’t build a house without a blueprint; the same goes for a human strategy.

If your organization’s human strategy isn’t carefully and methodically crafted to keep up, it’s only a matter of time before the big bad wolf snarls and snores and wrecks your department. Make sure the teams present have a healthy balance of six essential skills: leadership, creativity, communication, technical skills, analytical and social understanding.

2. Attract

At the heart of any self-esteem strategy for people is attracting the best talent. If your current team has skills or knowledge gaps, consider upgrading skills first, or it may be time to do old-fashioned employer marketing and heavy hires.

To attract the right people, your employer’s brand needs to be accurate. What is attractive to the best marketing? Well, the same things that attract everyone: health, wealth, and happiness! But recently, organizations have adapted their hiring strategies to attract more candidates for desired positions.

3. Assess

It’s time to assess your team and look for gaps in skills, passion, or skills that can hinder your company’s growth goals.

The key here is to build and support teams that have a healthy balance between these six essential marketing skills: leadership, creativity, communication, technical competence, analytical mindset, and social understanding.

4. Rent or Renovate

If your team’s assessment revealed skills gaps, it’s time for an organizational restructuring or possibly a search for new talent.

Organizational restructuring can mean employees change jobs, or even departments, to ensure you get the most out of your employees. Ask your employees to think about their passions and skills; you can have all the talent you need in your existing team.

5. Onboard

Once you’ve chosen the perfect candidate and given him an offer he can’t refuse, the onboarding process begins. For the first week or more, daily check-in dates are ideal. After the first few weeks, a check-in must be done even earlier and regularly. Even after integration, it’s better to have weekly one-on-one meetings with each team member.

While encouragement is necessary when warranted, it also provides constructive feedback to help your employees thrive.

6. Retain

Our marketing experts are innovative and creative and love challenges. Constantly challenge your employees and give them room to grow, improve and develop your brand. What experience and practical knowledge do you offer them that no one else can?

Company culture is important for employee retention. If you offer good salaries and benefits, but your company is a bad place to work, you will inevitably have high turnover and low productivity.

7. Promote

Beware of tomorrow’s leaders. Characteristics of potential leaders include not being afraid to speak their minds, being happy and eager to help their peers, and being willing to share credit and authority when needed.

Leaders believe in and must enthusiastically demonstrate the fulfillment of their company’s primary purpose. They must understand the organization’s values ​​and goals and have the personal skills necessary to train and develop others. Leaders must have a service-oriented mindset, be fully focused on the team and how they can help people achieve their goals.