Enhancing marketing texts for healthier customer engagement

Customer engagement is hard to break these days. Discover marketing texts in today’s digital environment and how to use them effectively for customer engagement.

Promotional or marketing messages through channels such as SMS and chat programs are an important aspect of revenue-generating businesses. In fact, 77% of B2C brands that used SMS to send promotions or offers grew in the last fiscal year. Not only does SMS have a 98% open rate (compared to just 15% for email), SMS also reports a 40% click-through rate and a 30% call rate – outperforming many other channels.

Today, more companies are beginning to understand how messaging channels are essential to reaching their customers, but there is still an opportunity for brands to optimize this communication. By applying the tips below and ensuring the brand takes an omnichannel approach to reach consumers in the channel of their choice, marketing messages have a much better chance of moving the needle and building stronger brand-customer relationships.

The recipe for optimizing marketing texts

Brands can spend a lot of time building their messaging strategy and promotional campaign, but they don’t understand why they don’t convert – this is usually because the marketing texts aren’t optimized for success.

  • Be clear – Clarity is the first step to creating effective messages. If the recipient doesn’t know or doesn’t know who the message is from, they won’t open it or be confused. Be sure to identify the brand in the first sentence or implement an additional tool such as a verified marketing texts that clearly identifies the brand.
  • Personalized – Consumers are much more likely to do business with a brand if they consider personal interaction. Consult them by name, mention your interests or past purchases, and relate them to the reason for contact. For example, if there is a special offer that matches your hobbies, let them know that you know them and help them by providing this information.
  • Keep it simple – no one has time to read pages of marketing materials, so make the content simple and accurate. Let the customer know what you offer and what you want them to do while providing an easy way to do it quickly, such as a link to the exact sale you are promoting.
  • But urgent – while simplicity is critical, consumers can procrastinate and eventually forget if they don’t feel the information is needed quickly. Create a sense of urgency by telling them that the offer is about to expire or that a limited amount of the product or service is available, encouraging them to act quickly.
  • Always add something to the brand – recipients don’t want to feel like they’re dealing with a robot, so the message ends with something ‘in brand’. If your business is a pet shop and your brand personality is interesting and upbeat, close the post with a fun fact.

Without interested customers, the messages won’t be grasped

Brands can create the perfect marketing texts, but it all depends on the customer’s willingness to receive the information. The first step to increasing consumer responsiveness is to warm up your current and future customers with promotional messages.

  • Obtain authorization: With regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA, authorization is essential and many countries require customers to register to receive branded messages, providing an easy way to choose whether they want to or not. For the brand’s first official interaction with the consumer, you must have permission to contact them on the website or in a physical store.
  • Value: Always find a way to share your brand value with the message recipient. Instead of asking the consumer to buy your product, advertise a new version and offer discounts with a pre-order link for more information. Digital coupons can be a great way to recognize the relationship and make consumers feel valued, increasing the likelihood that they will purchase additional products or services.
  • Always be innovative: always try to be one step ahead of what your customers need. Contactless technology has been one of the keywords in the COVID-19 pandemic, and companies that have succeeded over time have introduced their new security protocols and new contactless policies, including pick up and return. Constantly being innovative and working to provide what customers need, even before they know they need it, will help create a positive environment.

While creating effective content and warming up customers is the best place to start, it’s essential to constantly align the details. Experimenting with which marketing strategies or marketing texts lead to the best consumer response will help ensure successful brand promotion and build customer loyalty.

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