Using B2C Strategies For B2B Marketing

Many of them think that there’s a huge difference between B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing, but the reality is, there are many similarities in both B2B & B2C. Because of this, the B2B marketers can adopt many B2C strategies which they can use in their B2B campaign, it’s more like both are the two sides of the same coin. There is a strategic difference like in B2B marketers focus on a smaller, more specific, and more professional audience. Some of the problems in B2B can be solved by using B2C strategies to make it more impactful.

Ways in which you can use B2C strategies for B2B

Where does the target audience visit?

As a B2B marketer if you think that your audience doesn’t use social media for their work-related activities so it won’t help you in getting leads then you’re wrong!. According to the reports, almost 80% of adults use social media for their personal use, which shows the possibility of getting leads for fulfilling your company leads.

  • Reviews:

The majority of the audience prefer customer reviews of that particular company before making any purchase and before trusting any brand. As we know and we see many reviews on social media platforms where the customers give an honest review about the product or service they had purchased, which impacts your branding in many ways. Among all other social media platforms, Facebook has been the most commonly used platform as it has the largest active users.

As the B2C marketers use Facebook to connect their targeted audience, you being a B2B marketer can also use some of their strategies and fill your bags. Getting your company page listed on Facebook for marketing purposes lets you see a drastic increasing change in your sales.

  • Using Facebook to connect large audience

We know that Facebook is a famous social media site across the globe, Search engines like Google, rank their pages and profiles higher than other sites. Facebook page gives you the advantage of getting on to the first-page result for exact match searches related to your business. Facebook makes it easier to keep engaging your audience through the regular post updates on your Facebook page, it is also easy to customize compared to your company’s website, which makes it easy to make product announcements, offers, or any other news the audience may be interested in. 

  • Approach your audience on a personalized level

Staying in contact with your audience is very important in digital marketing, a lot of B2B marketers focus on their products and services and forget about their customer’s thoughts, requirements, personalized experience, and opinions. The B2C industry does these things on priority.

B2B marketers plan the strategies by thinking about the companies as their prospect but they forget a thing which is, in the end, it’s the decision-makers who make the decisions and even they are humans so here tack-ticks of B2C marketing work as well.

  • Marketing Personas

Instead of thinking about the company goals and their background as a whole, you can narrow down the process and start targeting individuals with personalized emails and SMS marketing, that has more probability of converting the prospect into a customer, you need to just prove to them that your company can give them the services they need.

Once you structure your target audience then you can customize the messages and other marketing content according to the individual’s interests, instead of approaching the entire corporation with the same method and content.

  • Rewards and Offers

In the B2B industry, the marketers usually don’t present rewards or offers to their customers, Customer Retention plays a very important role, and also being a customer-centric company keeps you in profit and gives you a loyal customer base. Rewarding your customers makes them feel appreciated and keeps them connected to you, and having a loyal customer base is beneficial for your company in the long term perspective. Start making discount deals and contracts with your clients.

  • FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO is another common strategy used in both B2C & B2B industries, it conveys the urgency because it declares that the offer announced will be limited for a time period or limited stock supply. You can make “calendar fill-ups” through which the audience will be aware of the offers and that also makes it more exciting.

  • Utilizing Paid Ads

Digital paid ads are always useful in reaching a specific targeted audience, paid ads may make you structure your advertising budget more carefully but it gives the best results as it targets the audience according to your expectations like their interests or any recent activities, Paid ads are really helpful for both B2B and B2C industries if you want to know more about SEO and paid ads you can check out the article where we have discussed Paid and Organic ads (Organic Search vs Paid Search in 2022).


Marketing lets you try out many different things, many different strategies according to your company, industry, requirements, and many other different factors. You need to plan the strategies according to which industry it suits more there are many strategies that work for both B2B and B2C and some strategies only work for individual industries. In the end, it’s all about the audience which you target, you may find out the best working strategy for you which gives you the best ROI so keep trying new strategies for different campaigns.

If this article gave you an idea about the B2B and B2C strategies, then do let us know in the comments down below and also check out the other articles on the site for Digital Marketing related information.