Advance your tag loads in Google Tag Manager

User tracking and the use of cookies have changed since the release of AVG. To comply with the GDPR, websites must request consent from users. Some Tag are filmed on the first page of a visit. This can affect brand loading as the user decides to grant permission after the page loads. This article explains how to set the Tag to write immediately with the user’s permission.

The occurrence of this problem

For example, Google Ads tag. The tag trigger is enabled on all pages in a page view. The bookmark is blocked if not allowed. We assume that the user visiting the site has not yet made an authorization choice.

When the user visits a website’s landing page, the page preview trigger is activated. If the consumer accepts the cookie banner, the Google Ads label must be burned, provided there is permission. But in the current configuration, this will not happen.

Will briefly explain the cause of this issue. Mark was unable to attempt to activate in the first-page view. The next time it is activated, it will start a new page view. Since no new page views are initiated when cookies are accepted, the label is not enabled.

How can we solve this?

We can cause a “delay” by making the browser screen wait until permission is selected. The steps below show you how to do this.

  1. Create a trigger group.
  2. Add the trigger of the marker you want to activate to the trigger group.
  3. Add a trigger that checks trigger group authorization. For this to work, you need a data layer event that happens at authorization time.
  4. Set your brand faster with Trigger Group. You can also include a blocking rule for any unauthorized event as an exception.

Improved Tag loading

This post uses the visitor tag as an example. But can you hear the good news? This type of configuration can be used for all types of conversions. The earlier it is applied to the funnel, the greater the impact of loading a tag (not) into a landing page. The problem lessens as you progress through the funnel. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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