8 Ways to Use Email Marketing

We probably don’t need to convince you to get into email marketing

That said, these high ROIs can only be accessed by marketers who get the most out of their email marketing platforms and email marketing strategy. And if your strategy is to just send out newsletters – no matter how many times – you probably won’t see an astronomical return.

What are other emails for?

Getting the most out of your email marketing investment takes a little creativity. So think outside the box and try these 14 email marketing tactics:

  1. Remarketing. If and when a potential customer visits your site and drops out before conversion, you can use email marketing for remarketing. Remarketing is marketing the same potential customer over and over again. Send these prospects a strategic email to follow up on their visit. If you go into the smart email screen, they’ll remind you of your brand and likely bring it back to your site, perhaps at a time that’s more convenient for them to convert.
  2. Get out of the car. Another, more specific form of remarketing is to track fluctuations. Email marketing is an extremely convenient way to connect with customers who were just a click away from conversion. Track customers who abandoned their cart at the last minute and remind them why they filled their cart in the first place.
  3. Research. Sending surveys through your email marketing platform is a cross-functional medium. Naturally, you will receive valuable feedback from current and potential customers. Plus, you position your business above key demographics and do so in a way that shows your brand cares about what they want and need.
  4. Event Invitations. Throw a party! Whether it’s a new location, a company anniversary, a vacation, or a new product launch, hosting an event is a valuable way to engage customers. Search your subscriber list for a list of engaged prospects and send them an invite.
  5. Alerts almost sold out. Are there any products coming off the shelves? Or are appointments shorter in a particular season? Notify your customers with a well-formulated email alert. They would likely want to know before the product or service in question is no longer available.
  6. Notifications of New Shipments. Likewise, customers will be thrilled to hear about a new product or service you offer. Have you released an update to your latest SaaS? Do you offer a new product package? Send your subscribers an update to let them know.
  7. Customer birthdays. Show your customers that your business cares – send them a thank you note on the anniversary of the day they became a customer. Thank them on a personal note for their work. Consider including a birthday coupon as a more concrete token of thanks – even the most loyal customers love a deal.
  8. Vacations. These days, most brands send year-end emails to their subscribers, so make sure email marketing stands out in this period. Customize your posts, post a photo of your team, and make sure all communities are in it. Once again, adding a holiday voucher or even a free delivery offer will make your customers feel even more loved.

Email Marketing Outside Newsletters: Conclusions

In short, if you only use your email marketing platform to send out newsletters, you won’t get the best feedback possible. High ROI only comes with optimizing your email marketing strategy. Get creative with your email marketing and find the perfect balance of tactics for your business by testing these 14 ways to reach your email customers.