15 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram is a social platform that attracts people who like to have fun or show their photos. For brands, it doesn’t automatically lead to sales.

To reap the benefits of Instagram, you need to start with a comprehensive strategy. Millions and millions of accounts are producing content on Instagram. You have to be able to distinguish yourself.

  1. Don’t be too transparent or too commercial. Nobody wants to feel sold. They may want to find out about new and unique products, but only those that solve a problem in their lives. Introducing content from their point of view will ultimately give you a better chance of creating links.
  2. Spend as much time as possible evaluating competitors. You have to get used to what your audience sees and they don’t just see your posts. They see messages from many other accounts similar to yours. You should follow as many people as possible and see what they post to get ideas on how to separate your videos from the package.
  3. Focus on your hashtags. Your hashtags should be as specific as possible. When you sell a car, you don’t just put “#auto”, but “#FordTaurus”. You want to limit yourself to an audience that might be interested in your content. Hashtags are everything on Instagram and you can post as many as you like.
  4. Vary your video content. These can range from short product updates to longer behind-the-scenes videos. By posting different types of videos, you can broaden your audience and understand what kind of content your current audience likes the most. Your analysis will allow you to dig deeper into the content that interests you.
  5. Think about how you make videos. Try to create videos with real content for your audience. How-to videos are especially popular because they show your audience a real skill they need. Directional videos are also regularly shared on Instagram and other platforms.
  6. Keep it simple and short. Most Instagram videos should be less than 26 seconds long. Try to make a video as soon as possible. People these days pay very little attention. They also have a lot of content to read and yours is just one of the hundreds (or thousands) of accounts that follow.
  7. Enjoy other social media. If it makes sense, then re-share your Instagram posts with your other social media accounts and let your Instagram audience follow you on other platforms as well. Your social media accounts can feed each other, support each other, and ultimately improve your overall following.
  8. Pay attention to the times you post. Most people are available on weekdays and in the evenings on weekends. But times can vary depending on demographics. Note which posts are most interesting to you and when they will be published; this will help you find the ideal times.
  9. Improve the quality of your videos. On average, high-quality videos are shared more than low-quality ones. Your videos must be professionally filmed and finished and always accompanied by subtitles – many people will not be willing to watch a video with a loud sound.
  10. be as consistent as possible. Sometimes consistency is more important than quality – as long as you post regularly, you should be able to gain followers over time. If you don’t post consistently, even the best content can be ignored.
  11. Identify your channels geographically. When posting a video, you have the option to tag wherever you are. This is especially important if you want to acquire a demographic in a specific location. If you run a traditional business, you don’t want to market them all – just the ones that are likely to pass through here.
  12. Keep your content branding. Add logos and watermarks to your content. If it’s shared online, you’ll want it to be associated with your account. When people watch a video, they may not remember whom they’re seeing on the account…but they’ll notice the branding and logo on the video itself.
  13. Put in the stories. Your Instagram stories are stored in a separate section of the app and are therefore more visible. Think about how you can contribute to your stories every day. Some people may not see your posts, but they may be willing to follow your stories from time to time.
  14. Get familiar with the Instagram app. The app itself lets you do things like add text, images, and stickers, which can give your video that extra touch. Instagram also adds new features like Shopping, which highlights products in videos and images, perfect for marketers.
  15. View your comments. If people like and comment on your posts, please like and comment too! Interacting with your community will lead to growth. Interacting and engaging with your audience is the best way to drive conversions in the future; it also provides information about what your audience thinks and what content they like and like best.

Over time, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what content can be shared on Instagram. Like anything, it’s a skill: you have to be aware of your growth and your techniques to improve.