With its new headless platform, SellersCommerce switches to MACH to transform the future of B2B e-commerce.

SellersCommerce, a leading Illinois-based e-commerce company undergoing a complete platform overhaul, is ready to implement the MACH framework to overcome the barriers of traditional monolithic systems and deliver a smoother digital experience to its customers.

MACH stands for four outstanding technology principles, namely Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native SaaS, and Headless, which are essential for developing customer-centric e-commerce systems in the digital age.

The MACH architecture paves the way for SellersCommerce to create truly headless B2B e-commerce solutions, with multiple front-end microservices independently developed and deployed to perform specific tasks, as opposed to a monolithic “all-in-one” suite. This approach helps their customers reduce implementation costs and scale faster without downtime.

This new composable B2B e-commerce software aims to provide superior user experience, faster scalability, and seamless integration between PLM, shipping, OMS, and ERP systems to help businesses grow and prosper. As a cloud-native solution, users can easily customize and create hyper-personalized online experiences to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Maximizing B2B Ecommerce Growth with MACH Architecture: What It Means for Customers

  • Rapid success: MACH architecture ensures fast implementations, ease of innovation, and endless front-end manifestations, all powered by SellersCommerce’s core cloud.
  • Cloud-native to the core: A cloud-based deployment model provides elastic scalability without the need to upgrade the backend
  • Excel Integration: Seamlessly sync PIM, ERP, and all back-office applications with built-in business integrators to stay up to date on critical business data