Upwave and Ad Council team up to measure campaign impact

Upwave, the leading branded advertising analytics platform, today announces the continuation of its fruitful partnership with the Ad Council. Upwave will work with the Ad Council to measure the impact of key public service campaigns addressing issues affecting Americans across the country. Additionally, Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave, will join the Advertising Council’s Leadership Council.

This partnership follows Upwave’s recent involvement in the COVID Collaboration Ads Council and “It’s Up to You” campaign, PSA’s largest communications effort in U.S. history, to educate and build trust among U.S. audiences around vaccines. COVID-19. For its role in “It’s Up to You” – a Digiday Greater Good Award nominee – Upwave measured the campaign’s impact on brand metrics, providing insights into vaccine awareness, association with the message, and intent. Upwave measured the cross-media campaign to gain insights into how creativity reached and resonated with key target groups.

“Our partnership with Upwave provides us with a cross-media measurement solution to understand the effectiveness of our advertising that resonates with the target audience,” said Anne Deo, senior vice president of analytics at the Ad Council. “Upwave’s team and platform have been a valuable part of our resources on behalf of the COVID-19 vaccine education initiative. We look forward to working together on future social impact campaigns.”

As a member of the Advertising Council’s Leadership Council, Kelly joins other marketing executives from some of the most popular brands in the country. Board members are committed to the organization’s mission and serve as a conduit for future Ad Council advisers.

“Some of the most memorable and impactful ad campaigns in American history were created by the Ad Council,” said Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave. “I can’t think of a better example that shows how advertising can have a positive impact on society.” I am honored to join an incredible group of leaders from companies like Kellogg’s, Aetna, Xerox, and the NFL to fulfill the mission of advertising. Governance to raise awareness and inspire action on today’s most important issues.”

Leadership Council members support the Advertising Council by identifying ways their companies can activate and support campaigns and by sharing important knowledge, insights, and resources with the Advertising Council team.

“We are excited to launch this broader partnership, which provides analytics for social campaigns,” added Jessica Armstrong, Head of Marketing at Upwave. “Upwave’s platform not only helps the Advertising Council measure awareness, but it also ensures that its important messages reach – and resonate with – the right audience.”