Traditional: The gone tech making a comeback with marketers

In the results-driven world of performance marketing, it can be tempting to jump from tool to tool in search of the latest technology you need.

Despite major advances in the way marketers work, at the heart of many strategies is a highly reliable technology that shows no signs of being excluded from the marketing mix.

There’s a reason the old technology works; there is a low level of trust and adoption that marketers can greatly benefit from.

Old technology, a common goal

Today, let’s take a look at three pieces of “old” marketing techniques that are making a big comeback among modern marketers.

Although they work on different platforms and are used   significantly differently, email marketing, QR codes, and text messaging have three common goals.

•      Public creation: Any self-respecting marketer knows that it is necessary to create an audience to get the maximum chance of increasing direction and interest in a product or service. But that audience must be involved and there must be a certain degree of trust.

•      Personal Marketing: Once you’ve created a target audience, you need to send the right message if they want to pull the trigger. The best way to do this is to customize your content, and you can only do this if you get the data from the beginning of the relationship.

•      Automation: No marketer needs to do repetitive tasks manually. That’s why the best tools automate essential marketing activities so people can spend their time doing creative and exciting things.

Let’s take a look at three antiquated forms of marketing that are arguably more relevant than ever.

Email: old but still relevant

A 2020 benchmark report shows that content marketers see email newsletters as the type of content that works best for getting new leads.

Yes, our inboxes still handle massive amounts of spam and junk mail, but the oldest form of communication on the Internet is more relevant than ever due to one factor.

It remains the fastest and safest route to a defined destination: the recipient’s mailbox.

That means they will fall into something only they can see. Therefore, email marketing will likely be cheaper and can generate a higher ROI than social media marketing. Get the topic and content right and you’ll have an incredibly engaging audience.

Like SMS marketing, it’s also very affordable. There is a wide variety of email marketing platforms available for a negligible monthly fee.

SMS messaging: the super attention-grabber

A 2020 report shows that over 60% of companies are increasing their text marketing budget this year.

No wonder: it’s still one of the most effective ways to get the public’s attention. If you do it right (because let’s face it, SMS marketing is pretty easy to go wrong).

It’s also very economical.

Some SMS marketing strategies to whet your appetite:

  • Welcome messages for new customers.
  • Notifications of sales, events, and promotions.
  • Booking confirmations (and sales before arrival).
  • Personal Offers.
  • View orders.

QR Codes: An Unexpected Winner in 2021

Without using the “c” word in this blog post, at least the pandemic has revealed the desirability of QR codes.

A no-touch solution for information exchange and customer service will get you nowhere. It is believed that most Fortune 500 companies in America now use QR codes in product marketing.

Despite a relatively silent release and limited adoption after their initial release in 1994, QR codes have become second nature to consumers. This was greatly helped by smartphone manufacturers who developed the ability to read and read QR codes directly on camera and software systems.

Some examples of using QR codes in marketing are:

  • Direct customers to a specific landing page.
  • Ashortcut to download your branded app.
  • Quick registration at your office.
  • Access to an augmented reality experience.
  • Shortcut to send a message or email to your team.

The true marketing mix

There is no tool or strategy mentioned in this blog post that is not available to all companies. This is the best of the old modernized marketing technology; has been marketed in such a way as to be affordable regardless of budget size.

You don’t necessarily need to use SMS, email marketing, and QR codes together, but by combining them you can only create a marketing campaign that is better than the sum of its parts.

Try it out, learn from who it was and who did it, and most importantly, have fun with these brilliant marketing techniques: it won’t go out of style.