Tencent Cloud strengthens collaboration with Grafana Labs

Tencent Cloud, the cloud industry of the global technology company Tencent, today announces the expansion of its successful partnership with Grafana Labs, the company behind the world’s most popular open and compatible control panels. The two parties will now begin developing and validating a new proprietary offering called Grafana Managed Services, which will combine the open-source Grafana software with additional Tencent Cloud integrations designed to give users access to their monitoring data to enable the cloud view and monitor.

In April 2021, Grafana Labs and Tencent Cloud will collaborate to add the Tencent Cloud Monitor plugin to the Grafana catalog. The Grafana Tencent Cloud Monitor plugin provides Grafana users with load and performance monitoring statistics for several Tencent Cloud products, including Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) and Cloud Database (Tencent DB). With the launch of Grafana Managed Services, more than five million Grafana users can manage Grafana on Tencent Cloud with the protection, security, and convenience of a managed cloud service. Grafana Managed Services users can connect to their existing data sources by leveraging native Tencent Cloud integrations, such as Cloud SSO.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, said: “After receiving positive feedback on our partnership earlier this year, we look forward to serving Grafana users by leveraging our joint efforts and developing the services. Managed by Grafana’s new service, users can now view their monitoring data in the cloud with Grafana’s leading time-series data visualization capabilities, giving users more options to maximize utilization of their data cloud and reduce the need for infrastructure management.”

Raj Dutt, co-founder, and CEO of Grafana Labs said: “We have received a very positive response from our users since we announced the start of our partnership with Tencent Cloud and we look forward to building on this solid foundation. with the launch of Grafana Managed Services. This new partnership takes our partnership a step further by jointly developing and delivering primary management services managed by Grafana, providing Tencent and Grafana cloud users with a native solution so they can focus their time on use cases rather than managing the infrastructure.”