SplitMetrics Releases Apple Search Ad Benchmarks for Mobile Brands

SplitMetrics, a global software development company that first provides an ecosystem of products and services for mobile businesses and brands, has released the Apple Search Ads Benchmarks report.

The report by SplitMetrics, a search advertising partner of Apple, enables mobile developers and marketers to analyze the performance of one of the most effective advertising channels, assess costs, access data trends, insights, and opinions from industry leaders mobile device sector.

SplitMetrics Analytical Center researched and analyzed the performance of Apple search ads across 15 app categories and 61 countries in the second half of 2021. The report, based on aggregated data from apps using SearchAdsHQ, SplitMetrics search ad optimization product from Apple, provides the average touch speed, conversion rate, cost metrics (cost per acquisition and cost per touch) which are key data for User Acquisition Strategy 2022.

The report allows mobile marketers to compare their apps’ performance to industry averages, identify growth margins, and target users more effectively.

“Our goal is to provide mobile developers and marketers with innovative technology, tools, and insights to help them scale Apple Search ads and grow their app business,” said Max Kamenkov, CEO and co-founder of SplitMetrics. † “That’s why we’re constantly analyzing data, releasing statistics, and continually improving our solution to efficiently automate and manage Apple’s search ads.”

The report’s main findings include:

  1. The average success rate has increased significantly, reaching 62.22% (compared to 50%, the average provided by Apple Search ads).
  2. The Business, Games, and Sports app store categories recorded the most progress in conversion rate.
  3. The financial market continued to grow. The cost per acquisition for Finance was 5.6 times the overall average ($3.76), reaching an unprecedented total of $21.22.
  4. The United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany continued to be the most competitive countries for ads related to Apple’s search engines.
  5. All countries and regions experienced seasonal fluctuations, with CPT and CPA reaching their lows in September and highs in November and December.