Smart for Life, Inc. acquires Nexus Offers, Inc.

Smart for Life, Inc. f/k/a Bonne Santé Group, Inc., or SFL, emerging health, and wellness company in the food industry, announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Nexus Offers, Inc., a chain of platforms in the affiliate marketing space. The announcement was made jointly by A.J. Cervantes Jr., president of Smart for Life, and founders of Nexus Offers, Justin Francisco and Steven James.

Nexus Offers is a leading click-per-action (CPA) network with a customer base of publishers and affiliates. Migration of SFL products to the Nexus platform will begin within the next 30 days.

“We believe affiliate marketing in the nutraceutical space is a proven way to increase market share and generate revenue for our shareholders. Smart for Life’s industry-leading quality offering, physician-formulated products will now have the opportunity to thrive become known in a previously untapped market segment,” said Ryan Zackon, CEO of Smart for Life. “In addition, we are delighted to have Nexus Offers founders Steven James and Justin Francisco join the SFL management team as part of our contract, which will act as co-directors of their subsidiary Nexus Offers, which will drive the strategy and continued growth of the companies they founded.”

“We started working with the SFL management team several months ago and we hope to complete the integration of the companies,” said Justin Francisco. “We are excited to link our marketing expertise to SFL’s growing product offering. As health and wellness products are increasingly purchased online, digital marketing platforms such as Nexus represent a potentially enhanced revenue stream for the company and its various brands in the future. “

“This acquisition further reaffirms our strategic vision of creating a highly diversified and vertically integrated global food company,” said AJ Cervantes Jr. “It supports Smart for Life’s commitment to acquiring and consolidating different brands and sales channels across the world”.