SlickText Introduces Workflows to Automate Personal and Behavior-Based SMS Experiences

SlickText, a proven leader in text communication, introduced workflows and made them available to their customers. The new solution automates brands that can be used by brands to provide consumers with a unique and highly personalized texting experience based on behavior. Users, who do not require experience or coding knowledge, have the ability to create customizable workflows ​​in a simple drag-and-drop interface. The solution makes the job difficult because the workflow allows marketers to implement complex, configuration-oriented conversation threads.

Marketers want and need to create hyper-targeted content and data in large-scale behavior-based campaigns, without losing the intimacy that comes with each subscriber’s unique characteristics. This is the next generation segmentation in marketing that makes every individual feel like a segment of one. Reduced budgets and resources have resulted in a lack of time, money, and experience. SlickText’s new workflow solution allows brands to automate touchpoints, delivering a truly personalized customer-to-brand experience via SMS. It’s also easy to use; Marketers can create complex campaigns in minutes, not hours or days.

“The growth of automation and data-driven capabilities will drive the next wave of innovation in text marketing. Workflows combine ease of use and application scalability,” said Matt Baglia, CEO and CTO of SlickText. Brands can now implement long and complex text marketing journeys. Our software provides continuous tools for optimization campaigns to ensure success”

SlickText’s flexible workflow software automates a variety of campaigns and activities, including promotion and engagement campaigns, intelligent auto-tracking, and drip campaigns. These campaigns and potential uses serve a variety of purposes at all stages of the customer lifecycle, from collecting loyal customer data and touchpoints to attracting new leads. For example, intelligent auto-tracking enables consumer segmentation based on features such as order history and engagement methods, enabling brands to deliver personalized offers and messages.

“Information collection is now fully automated, no one on our team has to manage and enter this data. That way, we get the information we need and save time,” said Clint Davenport, co-founder of online retailer Onyx & Oak.

In addition to the wide range of tracking options and campaign versatility, Workflows offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Marketers can use the analytics canvas to gain insights from a variety of metrics, including performance metrics, clickthrough rates, and goalie analytics. The analytics dashboard also provides real-time brand metrics to analyze each automation and see what’s happening during each stage of the marketing campaign. Brands can access data from in-stream workflows processed ​​for any automation and use that data to customize campaigns at any stage or interval.