Signpost announces acquisition of Securus Contact Systems

Signpost, a leading marketing and communications software solution for home service providers announced the acquisition of Securus Contact Systems, an innovative platform for live chat and closed reception services in Portland, Oregon. The combination will enable contractors to provide their customers with an exceptional and always-on experience across the entire sales cycle and customer experience.

“The acquisition of Securus immediately addresses the needs of our key customers,” said George Bilbrey, CEO of Signpost. “Consumers today expect immediate answers, but business owners tell us they tend to get tense about time and the ability to answer potential customers’ questions. Securus offers a complementary offering that creates a first-class solution to achieve better process efficiency and enable an excellent contact model for our end customers. “

“This acquisition offers scalability, positive cash flow, and creates a first-class solution for the growth of domestic small and medium businesses, and as investors, HighBar and Georgian are excited to support this opportunity,” said Brian Peters, partner at HighBar. Partner. Thousands of local businesses are guided to manage the entire customer relationship lifecycle and increase revenue. Founded in 2010, Signpost helps companies improve and expand their market reach and provides online tools to manage the presence and reputation of incoming requests.

Since 2012, Securus has partnered with thousands of companies, from local businesses to large corporations, to provide welcome and live chat services. The Portland-based company has focused on building lasting customer relationships and providing exceptional customer service.