RollWorks Launches Journey Events for HubSpot and Continues to Unify Critical Go-To-Market Touchpoints of B2B Organizations

Account-based marketing platform RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, today announced the launch of Journey Events for HubSpot®, which provides consolidated account-level visibility, all within the HubSpot interface, to enable B2B organizations to understand what activities work. for billing manageable phases in the buyer’s journey and what activities still need to be optimized.

The latest version of the RollWorks product ensures that B2B marketers now have an easy, automated way to provide their sales teams with a centralized view of the various data points that make up customer interactions, building meaningful and lasting relationships. With the ability to see all marketing and sales activities that drive account progress, Journey Events for HubSpot also gives sales teams a comprehensive view (both instantaneous and over time) of an account’s performance move – which works and helps guide account progress, including viewing all actions along an account spike. It helps sellers plan and adjusts exposure, identifies the optimal time to contact an account, and adjust messages based on the most recent action taken.

“At a critical time when marketers are being asked to do more with much less, RollWorks Journey Events for HubSpot stands out for its ability to help all teams market more effectively with their To be ABM strategies”, said Jodi Cerretani, responsible for generating demand by RollWorks. “It’s great to see all the marketing and sales activities that drive the account’s progress. For example, don’t send irrelevant messages in an email or waste money sending a gift to an account if you don’t. The language between sales and marketing. “

RollWorks Journey Events, announced last fall, takes time-stamped events from an organization’s technology stack, such as scheduled meetings, generated events, and SDR emails, and combines them with intent, engagement, and stage of travel marketing and sales teams to visualize how their activities drive account progress to turn data into actionable insights. Journey Events for HubSpot brings the power of copper journey stage data directly into a customer’s existing CRM solution.

Justin Cooperman, vice president of product management at RollWorks, said: “RollWorks is focused on the quality of engagement innovation and we are incredibly proud of our acceleration and momentum within the HubSpot ecosystem. With Journey Events for HubSpot, we have the level of customization between seller and prospect.”

Throughout 2022, RollWorks continued to deepen its commitment to adding more tools to its HubSpot user platform. In June, the company launched a new ABM tool – Sales Insights for HubSpot – that leverages information technology to provide a 360-degree view of purchase price accounts, taking B2B marketers and sales teams beyond guesswork to understand effective solutions and create sales amounts.