Plannuh introduces new functionality to help marketers predict, measure, and compare the true value of the campaign

Plannuh, a start-up that is changing the way marketers plan and budget, announced a new feature to help them measure the business value (income expressed in dollars) generated by their campaigns reliably and consistently. Marketers now have a new tool to predict, demonstrate and compare the true business value of their marketing campaigns.

Marketers today adhere to a variety of metrics, from leads, sharing tidbits and opportunities. The problem is, they’re all different metrics, with no way to calculate the true business value to prove and improve your marketing. For this reason, CEOs and CFOs have always discussed with GMOs what level of financial investment should go into marketing.

The Plannuh app uniquely hosts the entire marketing plan, which includes all campaigns, budgets, expenses (down to the penny), and all performance metrics associated with a campaign. With all of this marketing data integrated, marketers can use the app to predict and demonstrate the true business value of their dollar campaigns for a fair comparison across all marketing activities. this me

Plannuh’s new functionality allows marketers to:

Predict campaign performance through a recursive, deep-learning model to assess investments in proactive campaign adjustments

  • Make better decisions based on a universal marketing measure.
  • Get a quick, clear picture of the best and worst-performing campaigns to quickly and effectively rebalance your marketing plan and budget.
  • Adopt a consistent way to measure different campaign types at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel.

“Every GMO we’ve talked to tells us that their ultimate goal is to fully understand the business value of their marketing investments – they can eventually achieve it,” said Peter Mahoney, founder, and CEO of Plannuh. “Marketing teams can now use Plannuh to make timely, data-driven decisions to demonstrate and improve the business value of their marketing.”

Plannuh’s mission is to advance the marketing profession by helping marketers build, execute and evaluate winning marketing plans that demonstrate the marketing value they create. Plannuh automatically calculates real-time marketing business value and predicts future business value based on the stage of the marketing funnel to predict performance.