PepsiCo announces end-to-end strategic transformation: Pep + (PepsiCo positive)

“Pep + PepsiCo, is the future of our business, fundamentally transforming what we do and how we do it to create growth and shared value, with sustainability and human capital at its core. This reflects a new business reality, with consumers becoming more interested ​​in the future of the planet and society,” said Ramon Laguarta, President and CEO of PepsiCo. Pep+ will change our brands and how they will win in the market. , imagine that Lay is starting with a potato grown sustainably in a regenerative field, then being cooked and delivered from a Net-Zero and Net Water Positive supply chain, sold in a biocompostable bag, with the lowest levels of sodium market. This is a positive choice. These are the best french fries of the future, the tastiest. This is how pep+ will be better for people, the planet, and our business. Now imagine the scope and the impact when applied to all of our $23 billion brands.”

pep+ guides action and progress through three main pillars, bringing together a set of key targets for 2030 in a comprehensive framework:

Positive Agriculture: PepsiCo works to spread revitalization practices to restore land equal to the farm’s total agricultural footprint (approximately 7 million acres), sustainable supplies of essential crops and ingredients, and the livelihoods of more than 250,000 people in its territory.

Positive Value Chain: PepsiCo will help build a circular and inclusive value chain through actions to:

  • Achieve zero net emissions by 2040
  • Being liquid to water by 2030; AND
  • Introduce more sustainable packaging ​​in the value chain.

PepsiCo today announced new goals to reduce pure plastic per serving by 50% in its global food and beverage portfolio by 2030, with 50% recycled content in its plastic packaging, and to expand its SodaStream business worldwide. , an innovative platform that should almost eliminate beverage packaging, including handles.

The company will also promote its more than $570 million journeys to diversity, equality, and inclusion

Positive Choices: PepsiCo continues to evolve its food and beverage portfolio to be better for the planet and people. Add more diverse ingredients to new and existing food products that are better for the planet and/or provide nutritional benefits, prioritizing chickpeas, vegetable proteins, and whole grains; Expands its position in the nut and seeds category, where PepsiCo is already the leading global brand, including leadership positions in Mexico, China, and several Western European markets;

It continues to expand into new business models that require little or no unique packaging, including the global SodaStream business, an icon of positive choice and the world’s largest glittering watermark by volume. Already sold in over 40 countries, SodaStream will bring PepsiCo flavor options such as Pepsi Zero Sugar, Lipton, and bubbly to 23 markets and the new SodaStream Professional platform will expand into functional beverages and more than 10 additional markets by the end of 2022 to reach, part of the brand’s efforts to help consumers avoid more than 200 billion plastic bottles by 2030.

“Pep+ directly connects our company’s future to the future of our planet, benefiting both: how we source ingredients and manufacture and sell our products; how we inspire consumers, through our iconic brands, to make better choices for themselves and the planet; about how we support communities and improve livelihoods in our supply chain,” said Jim Andrew, director of sustainability at PepsiCo. See SodaStream, for example. By rapidly expanding the SodaStream ecosystem, we’re meeting the needs of consumers at home, and at the same time, we also offer consumers positive choices that use less plastic, lower emissions, and are better for people sustainable future we all need. “