New Study Finds Programmatic In-App Ads Help Increase Brand Affinity and Customer Engagement in APAC

PubMatic, a sales platform delivering superior results for digital ads, today released the results of a custom study commissioned by Forrester Consulting entitled “The State Of Programmatic In-App Advertising In APAC”. The study, which surveyed 472 ad decision-makers in China, Singapore, India, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, reveals some important findings.

As ad budgets in APAC shift towards digital media, the mobile app has emerged as the digital channel of choice, achieving the highest budget allocation rate in the next 12 months – 20% vs. 20%. 17% for mobile internet, 16% for connected TV (CTV) and 15% for desktop. Within this channel, buyers are increasingly adopting programmatic as a core part of their media plans.

The survey shows that 80% of APAC advertisers/media buyers often or always use programmatic in-app ads for digital media plans. These costs are increasingly being used to achieve long-term goals such as brand alignment and customer engagement. According to the survey, APAC advertisers reported that the top reasons to invest in programmatic in-app advertising are:

  • To extend the reach – 74%
  • Better customer engagement – 73%
  • Efficiency in buying ads – 73%
  • Brand Alignment – 72%

Advertisers look to the sell-side to alleviate some of these challenges, with 57% reporting access to publisher data as a key selection criterion when choosing publishers to partner with. Sales platforms (SSPs) play an important role in providing this access.