Neustar Reaches Call Authentication Services Agreement with Prove

Neustar, Inc., a global information and technology Services Company and a leader in identity resolution, today announced that the company and its subsidiary, TRUSTID, have entered into a call verification agreement with Prove, Inc. On December 1, 2020, Neustar and TRUSTID filed a lawsuit. against evidence in federal court for US Patent No. 8,238,532; 9,001,985; 9,762,728; 9,871,913; 10,547,739; and 10 693 840 relating to call verification services. Prove wanted to reject it because Neustar’s caller ID patents targeted a non-patentable matter, which the court denied on April 29, 2021. As part of the call authentication services agreement, Neustar and TRUSTID decided to withdraw of the case.

“We are very excited to sign a call verification agreement with Prove. We believe the agreement is beneficial to both companies and look forward to growing and expanding our industry-leading pre-call verification services,” said Bob McKay, senior vice president, Customer Identity and Risk Solution. Rodger Desai, CEO and Founder from Prove, added: “Like Bob, I’m also excited to enter into this contract to continue working with TRUSTID on pre-verification services and to focus on Prove’s many growth opportunities.”

“We’ve built a strong patent portfolio that supports our advanced TRUSTID call verification services,” said Kevin Hughes, CEO of Neustar. “This agreement reinforces our commitment to maintaining our patents, protecting our significant R&D investments in pre-verification services, and ensuring market integrity.”