Netcore Cloud partners with AudiencePoint to provide real-time automation for transactional emails

Netcore Cloud, a world-renowned Martech SaaS company, has partnered with AudiencePoint, a leading provider of email data solutions, to enhance the transactional email API with the power of real-time automation.

Netcore Cloud has been a leader in transactional email for more than two decades in 22 markets around the world. Focusing on revenue through customer retention, conversion, business, and sales, the company now contributes to the marketing success stories of more than 5,000 brands including Canon, Disney, McDonald’s, Nexxt, Puma, Westin Hotels & Resorts, and others. While Netcore Cloud competes globally with many other transactional API providers, none of them offer a level of data integration with the power of real-time signals. With its constant search for consumer behavior, Netcore Cloud quickly identified the need for automation of reading time.

“Transactional email APIs have long been the flagship of email marketing, but they rarely serve strategic marketing purposes. Our partnership with AudiencePoint allows customers to accurately leverage our on-time global delivery infrastructure. Real for you engage in engagement-based campaigns, not just confirmations, and receipts,” said Matthew Vernhout, VP, Netcore Cloud Deliverability.

The partnership leverages AudiencePoint’s Real-Time Optimization (RTO) product, and an always-on set of event listeners, which index and redirect the signals flowing through its email dataset. “It’s a lot of data,” said Paul Shriner, director of innovation at AudiencePoint. “We monitor a depersonalized set of more than 500 million subscriber profiles and index engagement data as it happens. We can then pass these signals on to our customers so they can initiate automation, CRM actions, or a variety of other businesses. And we are about to make it live. “

The integration of AudiencePoint RTO data with the Netcore Cloud Transaction API opens up new possibilities for engaging subscribers not normally associated with transactional content.

Matteo continued; “Re-engagement is becoming a mission-critical type of campaign for most big brands. It is much easier and cheaper to win back an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. And along with the accessibility and scalability of an API transaction, our solution can create marketing stack-level revenue opportunities typically associated with the cost of doing business. This is a real victory for everyone”.