My Ringless Voicemail Unveils Propriety Mobile Delivery System

Significant innovations in mobile marketing are seen less often than in alternative technology-based industries, but My Ringless Voicemail, a division of CPL Mobile Marketing, recently made a major infrastructure upgrade in mobile delivery. A recent introduction and implementation of its True Ringless Technology (TRT) has significantly improved the method by which touchless voice messages are delivered.

“True Ringless technology significantly improves ringless voice delivery speed through a contracted server-to-server connection between our platform and the mobile operator’s voicemail systems,” said Steve Elliott, senior technical consultant. “Most of today’s platforms use an outdated ping method to send messages that are technically not ringless. They work by making two simultaneous two-second calls, and while one is sent to an answering machine, the other appears on the recipient’s phone as a missed call, but a truly contactless solution has been implemented using TRT technology missed call. “

According to Elliott, “This technology will not be unique to My Ringless Voicemail, but will exist within a relatively narrow spectrum of licensed platforms and distributors.” In addition, TRT technology ensures compliance in situations where speech loss is allowed but an automatic call is allowed. We regularly see organizations that think they are sending ringless messages, but are calling automatically due to the nature of their platform and this can expose them to liability issues. In the mobile marketing industry, compliance is critically important and My Ringless Voicemail True Ringless technology ensures that businesses deliver a truly ringless message.