Moz Releases New Tool and Metric for SEOs Identify Competitors

Moz, a leader in search engine optimization technology, today announced the launch of True Competitor, a new tool currently in beta that joins the Moz Pro suite of search tools. The tool helps SEOs identify the real competitors of a website that competes with search engine results pages (SERPs).

True Competitor will identify up to 25 top SERP competitors based on an analysis of 500 new SERPs. These domains are listed in descending order by a new proprietary metric, Rivalry, which helps SEOs identify top competitors. Rivalry, a score from 1 to 100, takes into account the website’s domain authority (DA), competitor’s website, keyword overlap, keyword volume, and the ranking trend of the identity’s competitors’ artists. In addition to domain authority and keyword overlap rate, Moz customers can use competition to understand competition and drive action.

“Most marketers will quickly and confidently say they know their competitors, but this information is often outdated, biased, and based on a physical worldview in an increasingly online world,” says Dr. Pete Meyers, Moz marketing scientist. “With the real competitor, you can see in the online space who you really compete with, identify new competitors, and understand the full complexities of your competition, including product competitors versus content competitors. With Moz’s new Rivalry Score, you can quickly identify the most direct and realistic competition and increase the ROI of your marketing efforts. “

Once a Moz user has registered their domain or subdomain with True Competitor, they can view the top competing sites and import them into other tools in Moz Pro for further analysis. A simple workflow built into the tool is to select two competitors to investigate keyword overlap and gaps in the keyword explorer. This, in turn, can drive strategic keyword research and content development based on new competitive insights.

“The real competitor was especially helpful when starting a new website or reviewing a client’s strategy,” said Katie Cunningham, liaison supervisor, organic search at global marketing agency VMLY&R. “With the new tool, we have met our challenge can engage in prior understanding of who our customers are really competing in organic search.”