Kroger’s New Private Programmatic Marketplace Handles CPGs with ‘Pre-Optimized Audiences’

The rush for retail media dollars is growing with a camp that added Walgreens, Dollar Tree, and Lowe’s chains last week. Kroger, which has operated its space offering since 2017, launched its latest offering on Wednesday to drive more spending from the packaged goods category with the Kroger Private Marketplace, a private programmatic platform that allows customers to access the platform on-demand use (DSP) of your choice.

During Advertising Week, where the news was announced, executives said the market structure is giving marketers and their partner agencies greater visibility at a time when performance-based channels are becoming increasingly important, but very most digital media is frustratingly opaque and subject to measurement challenges.

“The importance of the retail market lies in enabling flexibility, scalability, and control over how we can influence programmatic brand choices and create those special connections with consumers,” said Cara Pratt, senior vice president. President, Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) of 84.51 °, said Marketing Dive in an interview. 84.51° is the Kroger data and analysis unit created as part of the 2015 acquisition of the Dunnhumby company.

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Kroger’s retail market uses Kroger’s primary buyer dataset – the supermarket chain is the largest in the United States and serves 60 million families a year, the company estimates – to generate what Pratt does. “already owns the audience.” “optimized”. “The goal is to help brands better achieve campaign goals, whether they’re sales, consideration, or general recognition. Kroger says it collects consumer data on 96% of transactions related to its loyalty program, as the market tries to improve consumer privacy.” secured via a “Transaction ID”.

“We are fortunate to have decades of trust in our relationships with consumers, and therefore we can longitudinally assess their behavior over time,” said Pratt.

The implementation also marks the first time that customers will have self-service access to KPM’s segmentation solutions, retail performance metrics, and quality controls such as brand safety verification and labeling. Previously, KPM only offered managed services. Publicis Groupe was the first advertising group to conduct alpha testing in the private market, while Nestlé, General Mills, Mondelez, and Danone were among the brand’s first partners.

Focus on flexibility in Marketplace

KPM has been operational since its launch four years ago. Demand for general retail media soared after Google announced plans to end third-party cookies, an innovative move to digital that values ​​original solutions.

“Every marketer, everyone involved in advertising technology recognizes that this is inevitable and not a bad thing,” Pratt said of the cookie changes that will take place in 2023. “We must continue to transform the industry in significant ways.”


Kroger’s retail market is growing at a time when CPGs are under enormous pressure in areas outside of marketing. Supply chain challenges and inflation are currently affecting the industry as it moves into the main holiday season. However, these factors — a major topic that comes up during Advertising Week — didn’t bother Pratt, who said they had no measurable impact on demand.

“You can watch a lot of the top CPGs and they’re making public statements. Now is the time to double the marketing,” he said, without naming specific companies.