Marketing and communications agency Hahn Public acquires data science and analytics firm

Hahn Public, an Austin-based marketing and communications company acquired Statistical Vision, a Houston-based data science and analytics company that supports customers with predictive business forecasting tools. The acquisition expands Hahn Public into a 48-person agency with combined revenues of more than $10 million annually.

“Our food and energy customers continue to face an uncertain and rapidly changing landscape,” said Jeff Hahn, president of Hahn Public. “The analytics and data visualization capabilities of Statistical Vision, now Hahn Stats, allow us to leverage massive datasets and create trending models to provide our customers with next-generation guidance, empowering them to make marketing investment decisions with great trust.”

“Our customers come to us and drown in data: sales transactions, marketing information, commodity prices, import and export data, demographics, weather forecasts, etc,” says Michael Griebe, co-founder of Statistical Vision. “We build predictive analytics models to answer specific questions and show revenue growth to our customers. Questions like “How much more revenue can we expect if we work harder to reach a precisely defined audience?”, “How many team members do we need to avoid power outages of less than eight hours in the next year?” or “How many extra devices does this discount program sell?”

Hahn Public’s food customers include Whataburger, Texas Department of Agriculture, Beef-Loving Texans, HEB’s Central Market, and Vital Farms. The agency’s energy clients include Propano Education and Research Council, OneGas, GPA Midstream, and a concentration of essential service providers including ZTERS, CORE Electric Cooperative, Brownsville Public Utilities, Lubbock Power and Light, East Texas Electric Cooperative, and Mobility Authority Northeast Texas regional.