LinkedIn Expands Its Martech Capabilities with Oribi Acquisition

With LinkedIn’s marketing solutions revenue growing 43% year-over-year, it’s no surprise that they’ve taken to the market to find a company that fits what they and their customers want. There are more data and more actionable insights that you can capitalize on.

That wish was partially fulfilled by Oribi, an Israeli startup, which this week acquired LinkedIn for $80 million to $90 million.

This is a start with such great product videos if you tell me the entire due diligence process of the M&A team in LinkedIn videos. While a bit against Google Analytics, they do identify the pain points of a modern marketer who needs better analytics.

If improving CX and omnichannel marketing is at the top of your to-do list, Oribi is probably on the list of martech tools you hope your marketing team (if you have one) should look to.

These are the same reasons LinkedIn decided to hit the button. “The acquisition of Oribi will accelerate our marketing attribution capabilities”

A big pain point remains in the context of data and analytics, especially if you don’t have a big budget. “The meeting is the foundation of everything,” said Thanassis Thomopoulos, eBay’s head of global marketing and business analysis. “Nothing can be improved without measuring it first.”

Of course, Oribi technology may soon be featured on Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools. It would be nice to see more crossovers between MBWT and LinkedIn insights to get even better insights and a much stronger competitor to Google Analytics.