Level Agency Welcomes New Vice President of Corporate Data and Analytics

Level Agency, a leading digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh, announces the addition of Eric Liu, Ph.D., MBA. Liu will serve as a member of the agency’s executive team in the role of vice president of corporate data and analytics. He has more than fifteen years of experience creating and leading highly complex cross-functional programs and projects across the Fortune 500 and global brands such as Verizon, CVS Health, and At Home Group. Liu is also an alternate faculty member at Northeastern University and lectures regularly for the master’s program in Applied Artificial Intelligence.

While other digital marketing companies respond only to data points available through existing advertising and analytics platforms, this investment in business data and future analytics puts Agency Level on a very different conversation. The level will now proactively participate in conversations about machine learning and artificial intelligence and create its tools to tell the story of “what happened?” to “that’s what’s going to happen”.

“Our vision for Level Agency is to become the largest digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh and beyond,” explained Patrick Patterson, managing partner, and president. “Data is becoming a driving force in digital marketing, making it imperative that our teams grow to leverage its power. We are delighted to have Eric on the team and look forward to the growth we know he will bring. ”

Liu shares the emotion described by Patterson:

“These are the right people, at the right time and in the right place. The level has an unobstructed view. I know I can use my experience and skills to bring the company there. I believe Level Agency is one of the most productive and efficient organizations I have ever seen. I strongly believe that we can empower our people and our customers to achieve their goals as we build the Center of Excellence for Business Data and Analytics. ”

To help realize Level’s long-term growth vision, Liu plans to partner with the agency to build a strong data team covering all areas of data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data security and business, intelligence, and reporting.

“The data is just part of the story. Data is never missing. Another important part is data analysis to provide solutions, “says Liu. We will develop a new architectural design to better understand, collect and clean our customers’ data to prepare them for our machine learning algorithms and marketing solutions. ”

In the first few months with the team, Liu has already shown what is possible when the above statement is put into practice. Liu and Level’s data team developed a solution to detect data anomalies in the platform spend rate and then automatically notify the appropriate team members to take corrective action. This new automation reduces repetitive reporting and frees up resources for agencies to focus on more strategic objectives. According to Liu, this is just the beginning:

“If you look at our competitors, most don’t have the resources, vision, or ambition to stand up to them. They may talk about data, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, but there is no space investment plan. Once our plan is implemented, we will strengthen our role as leaders in digital marketing agencies. ”

Patterson agrees:

“I think of a future where Level Agency is known as a leader in the world of marketing data and analytics. We will use machine learning, artificial intelligence, and smart automation to remove obstacles in the way of our team members, paving the way for smart strategy and more efficient use of our customers’ resources. “