Cint and Zappi win I-COM Data Creativity Award 2021

Cint, the global leader in the digital information software, and Zappi, the brand’s proprietary innovation and advertising testing platform, won the I-COM 2021 Data Creativity Award. They won in the programmatic category for their ad performance measurement solution that combines the power of “Connect by Cint,” which connects digital interactions with real-time search, and the Zappi Ad Pulse platform, a digital advertising and branding tool. As third-party cookies are removed, this solution is critical to helping marketers and planners determine the effectiveness of a campaign and optimize it in real-time based on brand metrics.

“Marketers and brands need forward-thinking solutions that allow them to continue to explore audiences and increase the efficiency of real-time advertising without relying on third-party cookies,” said Ernie Collings, vice president of digital at Zappi. “This winning solution leverages two innovations: Cint’s unique, dedicated technology powers Zappi’s digital ad metering solution. The result is a creative method of identifying, finding, and redirecting respondents to useful information that will drive direct marketing spending. To recommend.”

The partnership not only gave Zappi access to Connect at Cint as a new way to drive digital ad measurement, but it also connected it to Cint’s Insight Exchange, the world’s largest consumer network for digital market research. Cint’s deep respondent profile data points can be linked for greater insight into scale by comparing respondent profiles to the audience exposed to advertisements, websites, or online content. This approach allows them to implement dynamic surveys to measure campaign effectiveness, including key benefits such as cross-platform testing.

“This partnership shows how companies can use Connect at Cint to navigate the new reality without cookies,” said Heather Hughes, vice president of connected data at Cint. “Together with Zappi, this solution provides a new way to tackle critical tasks like ad tracking, linking digital interactions to real-time searches.”

I-COM award nominee “Connect by Cint Powers Zappi Ad Pulse” was chosen as the award winner for his unique application of media data and audience planning that capitalizes on the innovation space. The solution’s success in helping companies navigate the new cookie-free reality and continuing to conduct consumer testing at all stages of advertising also contributed to award selection.