Captiv8 is the latest content booster pack, the industry’s first to offer A/B testing on major platforms

Captiv8 announced that its Content Boosting Suite is the industry’s first influencer marketing platform to include A/B testing for creators, audiences, and content across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Now, brands and agencies can test and identify new ways to increase reach, awareness, and involvement in creator campaigns across all three platforms. This latest release accelerates Captiv8’s SaaS platform as the only unified end-to-end workflow for influencer marketing campaigns.

Using the new A/B testing capabilities, marketers can:

  • Test new audiences: For brands promoting new products or expanding their audience, Captiv8 Content Boosting Suite lets them reach existing saved audiences in Facebook Ad Manager or create custom goals to see how different people are performing brand influencer. Captiv8 recommends targeting the best performing organic influencer placements and using the A/B Audience Testing option when looking to grow and identify opportunities for greater reach, exposure, and/or placement engagement.
  • Identify whom you want to do: Not all influencers are suitable for certain campaigns. Analyze the performance of different creators and their position relative to the same audience to determine which creators make the most sense to partner with in future campaigns. Based on the results of the A/B Creator Test, brands can not only maximize the value of each creator’s parable but also strategically plan new campaigns. Captiv8 recommends building a strong relationship program with influencers with whom you want to generate the most authentic stories about your products and/or services.
  • Create content posts that resonate: On Facebook and Instagram, brands can promote branded content that never appears on their profile. These obscure posts are available on Facebook Ad Manager as optional ways to increase the reach and engagement of your content without having to post directly to all followers. In addition, brands can test different variables ​​in the post itself to define the most suitable text for their audience. Today, Captiv8’s Content Boosting Suite is the first to offer marketers this Facebook Ad Manager workflow so they can do it on a single platform.

“The Captiv8 platform continues to redefine the true meaning of an end-to-end solution in the influencer marketing industry,” said Krishna Subramanian, CEO, and co-founder of Captiv8. “We continue to identify new white spaces in the market and provide solutions that proactively address the needs of current and future customers in an authentic, data-driven manner.”

Captiv8’s Content Boosting Suite

is also the first TikTok Creator Marketing Partner solution to support TikTok Spark ads, and the release of this latest product follows Captiv8’s previous announcement as one of the first influencer platforms to use the new TikTok API Integrate Creator. The marketplace is launched.