Zoho Launches Canvas, the Industry-First Design Studio to Re-envision the CRM Experience For Enterprises

Canvas brings consumer-grade simplicity to the CRM user experience through a code-free design studio, increasing CRM adoption

Zoho Corporation, the world’s leading technology company, announced for Zoho CRM, a unique design studio for CRM customization. With Canvas, companies can create their own CRM interfaces that best fit each employee’s role, without the involvement of IT or developers. Help simplify complex CRM implementations into dynamic, contextual employee-centric experiences.

Customizing data and workflow can make a CRM system too complex for most employees, and customizing CRM for each employee’s role requires a lot of development effort and expense. As a direct result of this complexity, productivity declines, employees become disinterested, CRM adoption can be difficult, and ROI can suffer. With Canvas, businesses of all sizes can avoid these issues and take advantage of the range of capabilities offered by a general-purpose CRM and the specialized experience provided by a vertical CRM.

With Canvas, Zoho’s customer experience platform continues to focus on building an experience system that makes it easier for brands and all stakeholders to store experiences. From planning and creating diverse customer experiences to delivering and implementing them for the future, Zoho CRM helps organizations of all sizes enable employee productivity, improve stakeholder collaboration and increase customer success.

“Many CRM software already offers a lot of customization for customer experiences, but that doesn’t apply to employee experiences. As a result, everyone uses the same system and pays their productivity taxes for no reason. Mani Vembu, head of Zoho, says: “Imagine a reality where the system is adapted to the role of each employee. This is fully customized, and that’s what we’re bringing to market with Canvas. We believe it’s a more natural system. Solution for Software is the Adoption Challenge Our ultimate goal is for companies to create enterprise-wide software experiences with consumer-level simplicity.”

Canvas Screen features include:

  • Drag and drop editor: Canvas includes a simple drag and drops editor that makes design easy without writing a single line of code.
  • Template Gallery: Customers can choose a ready-made template that appeals to them and their industry and will make an immediate impression.
  • Industry-relevant insights: Companies can create insights relevant to their industry, work culture, sales process, and more.
  • Portal Self-Service: Customers can also share Canvas creations across portals, creating a better experience for merchants, prospects, and more.
  • Role-based assignment: Companies can assign different Canvas views based on roles, responsibilities, and teams within their company.
  • Extended layout: Canvas also includes a wide variety of layout options to change the finer details of visualization and can dynamically load styles based on conditions.

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