AVerMedia and Barco Join Forces to Create Integrated Conferencing Solution

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., a leader in audiovisual technology, is proud to announce that it has joined Barco’s ClickShare Alliance Partner program. This partnership ensures that AVerMedia’s webcams and speakers are fully compatible with Barco’s ClickShare conferencing. Meet attendees worldwide can now securely integrate AVerMedia’s latest audiovisual quality with Barco’s innovative wireless conferencing solution.

Barco and AVerMedia’s joint solution creates an integrated wireless conferencing ecosystem for all types of small meeting rooms. With a single click of the ClickShare Boat button or the launch of the ClickShare App, users can wirelessly connect video and audio from AVerMedia peripherals and share content with a single click in any video conferencing room. Users can take their devices to conference rooms and configure them immediately, without the need for technical support. The solution is also compatible with almost all popular meeting platforms.

In addition to greater ease of use, Barco and AVerMedia’s solution also offers a clean and professional meeting experience. Because connections between personal devices and AVerMedia peripherals are completely wireless, fewer cables are needed, making meeting rooms more organized and eliminating the need to search for the right cable to join a conference. With no more cable lengths, users can participate in meetings and actively collaborate from virtually anywhere in the room.

AVerMedia’s latest wide-angle webcams, the 4K PW513 and 1080p PW315 have already revolutionized meetings. These webcams combine commercial quality with ease of use and affordable consumers, allowing almost any organization to provide small rooms with live video and audio. AVerMedia also offers the AS311 speakerphone, which offers clear sound with 360​​° sound coverage and a 9’/3m recording range that allows you to record the sound of all participants, plus innovative posing technology. . Noise powered by artificial intelligence. AVerMedia’s PW313 1080p webcam has also become ClickShare Conference compatible, making it a perfect solution for focus rooms.