Adtech Leader, Attention Council Appoints Andy Brown as CEO

Andy Brown, the former CEO of Kantar Media, has been named the first CEO of The Attention Council (TAC), a nonprofit organization of advertising and media leaders helping the industry improve the next generation of statistics. Brown will guide TAC through its transition to a membership organization and promote the wider adoption of platform-based attentional metrics in media planning, buying, and selling.

Market leaders want a defined benchmark that provides effective comparisons between digital, CTV, and linear advertising. Attention has sprung up as statistics and TACs led by Brown increase the understanding of the industry and the application of attentional data. With over 50 real-world examples, TAC’s recent report, “The Link Between Attention Metrics and Outcomes,” shows how far the industry has come by using attention metrics to measure business outcomes: from brand recall to store visits, shopping.

“The industry as a whole strives to capture attention as the best measure of cross-platform engagement,” explains Marc Guldimann, Founder and CEO of Adelaide and founding member of TAC. “It is exciting that Andy, an experienced measurement manager, is monitoring the TAC as we support the industry in the rapid adoption of attention measurement.”

Brown added: “This is a very exciting time to take on this role as changes in consumer behavior and technology create opportunities for innovation in the way media is measured and marketed.”

TAC goes to the associative organization

Brown will lead TAC’s transition to a membership organization, where members will have access to resources, case studies, and reports on the latest developments and best practices to measure attention. Membership is open to businesses and individuals, including media providers, buyers, researchers, marketers, consultants, academics, and ad technology organizations.

The TAC Council will continue to include representatives from key attention measurement advocates, including AB In-Bev, Adelaide AI, Mars, and TVision.

Attention Council Measurement study with ARF planned planned

TAC will soon partner with ARF, a leader in advertising, media, and marketing research, on a large-scale benchmark study to assess current and future trends in advertising and media measurement.

“We know that attention gets more attention than a critical measurement component for advertisers and media,” said Scott McDonald, CEO, and president of ARF. “We are excited to work with Andy and The Attention Council to establish criteria for industry adoption and implementation for this critical benchmark.”