Veritonic extends audio campaign performance capabilities to deliver unprecedented brand-building data

Veritonic, a leader in audio research and creative analytics, today announced the addition of brand enhancement to the platform’s robust campaign reporting capabilities. The addition of brand enhancement reinforces the platform’s position as the only provider of complete research, data, and insight to the audio industry, giving users a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of audio advertising and the key drivers behind it. of this.

Built specifically for audio, Veritonic’s intuitive user interface includes a wide range of filters and target parameters that simplify and expedite setting up a branded studio. In addition, Veritonic brand elevation studies can be conducted for audiences of all sizes, measuring organic and controlled exposure through radio, audio streaming, podcasts, and more.

The resulting data provides brands with the information they need to understand how each audio bet achieves its recognition, favoritism, intent, and recall goals. Brands can then use this data to make informed decisions about every element of their audio campaigns, including creative performance and ROI.

“We remain committed to continually improving our technology and providing our customers with the performance data and insights they need to securely optimize and understand the effectiveness of their audio campaigns,” said Scott Simonelli, Founder, and CEO of Veritonic. “The addition of brand enhancement underscores our platform’s position as a single destination for end-to-end audio insights, giving our clients the data they need to understand their campaign performance and increase confidence in building their campaign campaign ‘ sound in the future.”

“We are delighted to name Veritonic as a Preferred Brand Lift Partner,” said Scott Porretti, President of Katz Digital Audio. “The latest research findings – including a 170% increase in favoritism – heralded advertisers’ reliance on audio as a highly effective channel for getting the right audiences with the right message, in the right place, at the right time. Significantly expanded. Reach Out.”