TrustVibes Declares Beta Testing of its Social App Infused With NFTs

TrustVibes Corp. announced the launch of beta testing of its social app, its innovative TrustCircle, and monetization tools. The TrustVibes Social app will be the first to leverage an advanced social media framework called TrustCircles to bring creators and their fan communities together. This creator-centric model aims to provide the creators of the passion economy with the ideal environment to build thriving businesses.

TrustVibes CEO Rashid Jamal says of his approach to NFT as a tool: “While NFTs are one of the hottest areas in cryptography, they only empower 3% of top creators. There is a lack of tools and strategies to capture 97. % of helping creators with the tools they need to build a community around their creation/art/talent that will greatly increase their income. There are many NFT markets, but how does the average creator build an audience in one of them And on social media, creators have to fight the platform to thrive. With the TrustVibes app, we’ve combined the best elements of both platforms to dramatically raise creators’ expectations of their creative endeavors. ”

The app addresses the three main complaints of creators with online platforms; the portion of the revenue they earn, algorithms that work for advertisers at the expense of creators, and social media control over their fan base.

In terms of revenue distribution, TrustVibes considers a low industry percentage of 1.5% of all transactions as a business model. For comparison purposes, Facebook and YouTube charge creators for up to 45% of the revenue they generate on their platforms. The cost of advertising and promoting your work or events via the app is a fraction of the lower cost of the social media platform.

The TrustVibes app is ad-free, so creators never have to worry about ads interfering with their relationships with fans. And the platform doesn’t promise algorithms that interfere with the creator’s goals.

In terms of fan control, the TrustVibes app uses an advanced form of social networking called TrustCircles, which is 100% controlled by its creator. Fans are invited to the creator of TrustCircles and both get bigger benefits. Creators get a supportive environment that generates positive publicity and more sales. Creators can also host in-app events, such as launching a new NFT or use the app to promote off-app event tickets, etc. Fans have better access to creators, limited edition NFTs of their favorite creators, a healthy social environment, and sometimes even part of the recipe.

TrustVibes has designed its $ 38 billion Passion Economy app, which seeks to move away from social media and maximize the relationship between creators and fans. To do this effectively, they need tools like the TrustVibes app. Breeders who want to manage their breeding business better should keep this in mind.