Triton Digital launches Australian Podcast Ranker for August 2021

Triton Digital, a global leader in technology and services for the digital audio and podcast industry, announced the launch of the latest Australian Podcast Ranker. Ranker provides information on the top 100 podcasts and top 10 publishers in Australia from August 1st to August 31st, 2021, as measured by Triton’s Podcast Metrics measurement service.

The Top Podcast Ranker and Australian Top 100 Ranker are ranked by monthly listeners according to the latest IAB Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines.

For the first time, and for all three ratings, ratings are based on listeners rather than downloads. In addition, for the first time, statistics about listeners and downloads are presented to readers. As these changes have a big impact on ratings, we don’t just show the ratings for this song. Rating changes will be available again next month.

The top three Australian editors for this month’s Podcast Ranker are ARN / iHeartMedia, LiSTNR (SCA), and Audioboom. The top three podcasts in the Top 100 Ranker and Top 100 All-Australian Ranker are Hamish & Andy (LiSTNR – SCA), Casefile True Crime (Audioboom), and Life Uncut with Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne (ARN / iHeartMedia).

The total download of all programs by all participating publishers for the month of August is 49 million.

Ranker’s Australian publishers include Audioboom, ARN / iHeartMedia, DM Podcasts, Equity Mates Media, Hidden Brain Media, Kinderling Kids Radio, LiSTNR (SCA), News Corp Australia, Nine, NOVA Entertainment, Podshape, Schwartz Media, Sports Entertainment Network ( SEN) in), Stitcher Media, TOFOP Productions, Wavelength Creative and Western Australian Newspapers.

Triton Digital’s Podcast Metrics Measurement Service is certified by the IAB Tech Lab following version 2.1 of the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines. It provides accurate and informative data on how, when, and where podcast content is consumed across multiple hosting platforms, with the ability to view statistics by date range, location, device, podcast name, episode, title, and more.