Trinity Audio launches full native audio advertising experience

Trinity Audio, the only unified audio platform, announced the first artificial intelligence (AI) audio advertising experience. The offering provides ease-of-use content, seamlessly integrating audio-based advertising. User Journey uses the same AI voice for content and ad, similar to podcasting in which the podcaster also reads the podcast ad sponsorship.

The popularity of audio is exploding, from podcasts and audiobooks to website audio pages and AI voice assistants on smart speakers. This is because people want the effectiveness of the audio experience. Audio is a unique content format that allows people to listen while performing a variety of tasks, whether on a cell phone or the go.

Trinity Audio is the only unified audio platform that enhances content owners’ ability to evolve to deliver intelligent, high-quality audio experiences that naturally reconnect content consumers with the “oral culture” that people have trusted by thousands of years old.

“For the first time, advertisers can convert their print content with AI-powered ads,” said Ron Jaworski, CEO of Trinity Audio. “As media companies engage in audio strategies, we are excited to be at the forefront of this effort and help clients combine audio content with targeted advertising. It represents another big step forward in the world of audio, offering publishers a new opportunity to integrate the messages they want to convey to users while listening to content. We can’t wait to find out what an immersive audio experience can do for our organization; it took Trinity Audio’s AI technology to provide the opportunity. “

“We look forward to continuing to work with Trinity Audio to improve our in-house advertising offerings,” said Rachel Malpeli, director of digital solutions at McClatchy. “Audio quality provides seamless integration for brands, allowing ads to be displayed unobtrusively.”