Thomas Park, an industry leader in marketing and technology, is the ultimate outsider CMO

Thomas Park, an established Chief Marketing Officer with extensive experience in technology and industrial companies, is the latest CMO to join Chief Outsiders, one of America’s finest factional executive collections for many years. Park is now taking on tasks to help transform the companies that form the foundation of the Executives-as-a-Service business.

Park is a B2B leader experienced in helping companies unlock growth and build business strength through marketing, sales, and product development. Park has made his mark as a senior leader at leading B2B companies including Gilbarco Veeder Root and Honeywell. Some of his notable achievements include the development of several industrial SaaS companies generating an ARR between $25 and $50 million and an innovative business model and strategy, increasing customer lifetime value by 4x. One of the main impacts of this was the impetus for a new product strategy and a strong market for secure payments, which was the main driver of the 2x total business growth from $600 million to $1.2 billion. Park offers a unique perspective on marketing and has also led sales, strategic accounts, inside sales, and engineering organizations (Thomas Park).

“Thomas focuses on the ‘critical pair’ and helps build muscle to win in a world of SaaS, low-cost global manufacturers, and technology outages,” said Karen Hayward, managing partner, head of third parties. “His unique abilities help clients drive growth and EBITDA through strategy, flexible product development, improved structured margins, high engagement channels, and integrated demand.”

Park received his MBA from the University of Michigan; he also holds an M.S. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and a BS in physics from Hope College.