Terminus provides free data checking, improving the accuracy of B2B GTM data

Terminus, a leading account-based engagement platform built to deliver more pipelines and revenue through multi-channel account-based marketing (ABM), today launched its free data verification to test the accuracy of login improvements for the B2B marketplace. This follows the company’s launch of Terminus CDP through the acquisition of Zylotech, the leading B2B customer data platform.

Free Data Audit analyzes CRM data with a 60-point inspection to reveal inaccuracies, incomplete accounts, and contact information and discover new purchase commissions.

CRM CRM data is painfully inaccurate and incomplete, and manual cleanup, deduplication, and activation attempts are slow and expensive, and data accuracy begins to decline immediately. This leaves go-to-market teams with low conversion rates, an incomplete picture of purchase commissions, and a deceptive ROI. According to the 2020 State of CRM Data Management report, inaccurate CRM data can reduce revenue by more than 20%.

Terminus CDP solves these problems with a comprehensive set of solutions,

including auditing, cleaning, enriching, and managing data, supported by the industry’s largest global network of decision-makers and purchasing committees. Terminus is the only ABM platform with a standalone CDP designed specifically for B2B. Terminus CDP includes:

  • Audit: Discover and compare accuracy to industry metrics to understand gaps in CRM data.
  • Clean up: Always clean up critical GTM data including accounts, purchase commissions, and brand hierarchies. No more hand cleaning.
  • Get rich: Discover new buyers in targeted accounts and automatically correct data inaccuracies. Have confidence that all GTM systems use the most accurate and current data.
  • Management: Maintain consistent and consistent data integrity across all target accounts and purchase commissions with always-on and consistent Universal ID.

With Terminus CDP, customers see up to a 300% increase in lead conversions, 97% accuracy in contact and lead data, and a dramatic reduction in campaign error rates from 20% to 2%.

“Terminus CDP has been critical for our customers to understand their data gaps, particularly in contact accuracy,” said Matt Belkin, Terminus COO, and Data GM. “Not only are the results of our client data audits highly informative, but the real magic happens when Terminus can discover new leads within our clients’ ICP at the macro level with our enrichment capability. put your trust in GTM moves and data.”